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Pam Gaines, Regional Director

Leroy Gaines, Marketing Development Manager


You are invited to visit a BNI Chicago Suburbs chapter meeting or contact one of our professional Director Consultants or Ambassadors to discover how you can grow your business as a member of BNI.

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Mailing Address
11525 N. Community House Road
Suite 475
Charlotte, NC 28277

New BNI Chapters: If you would like to visit a new forming Chapter or would like to learn how to start your own chapter contact the BNI Chicago Suburbs office by calling (815) 337-5664 or send an email.

BNI Members. Click here for frequently asked website questions. For additional help including setting up your website login call (815) 337-5664 If your login is set up and you need your password or username click "Account Login" in the top right corner of this page. Then select "BNI Connect" and "Forgot Password or Username?" and follow the instructions.


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